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Oracle BI Publisher

Friday, 13 December 2013

Oracle BIpublisher is all new Java based product that comes within the e-business suite in the technology stack. It is built on the standard XML platform which enables users to take advantage of it and use tools that are similar to Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. The template based publishing solution is extremely easy to use and help users maintaining reports, thus enjoying a smooth flow in the business.
Oracle BI Publisher consists of an integrated architecture with the E-business suite, along with a library of API’s. Companies and organizations are implementing this technology in order to control the report design layout, which in turn decreases the overall costs associated to the maintenance and customization services. 

The architecture of the Oracle BI Publisher is made up of five modules- the data engines are registered with the data handler and can be any engine that generates XML.The template manager has a user friendly interface that is primarily built over a series of APIs which enable the users to register and maintain their templates and data definitions. Templates are generally used by desktop tools such as Adobe acrobat, MS excel or MS word.
The document processor empowers the user to build documents from multiple data source and the combination of templates for each of the combinations.The Translation Handler serves the users with the ability to register and maintain Data Definitions and Templates in a friendly user interface. It also increases the ease of maintaining daily reports and documents.
Finally, the delivery server takes the output document and takes it to the printer.

Work Flow:
Oracle BI Publisher smoothen the work procedure and empower the organization to manage their work flow as well as maintaining daily reports easier. It also cuts on the cost of work to a certain extent.

Uses of Oracle BI Publisher:
The increased usage of Oracle BI Publisher in the organizations across the world demands people who are certified with Oracle BI publisher. Fresher’s can also take up this course after their graduation and even professionals can take up this course in correspondence, after pursuing a job. A course in Oracle BI can certainly be beneficial for the fresher’s and professionals to open diverse gateways of profession.

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