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Online Informatica Training

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

SR online training center specializes in making you a more rounded individual or employee by conducting training on software like Informatica 9. Gaining knowledge through real time training can make your career, involving this software, a smooth one. For practice, trainees are given cases along with explanation of the scenario. They don’t have to buy the software; every trainee gets a free copy and installation.

Brush up your fundamentals

If you have not had any experience with the ETL platform, this gives you the chance to catch up by using Mapping Designer, Workflow Designer, Workflow Monitor and so on to create mappings, workflows and monitor them. For those who are going to be working with ETL Mappings, Workflow and monitoring, Tranformations, Architecture, this Online Informatica Trainingis greatly beneficial.

Trouble shooting and Debugging

During this training, you are going to be decoding error messages. The Online Informatica Training will help you create correct mapping and workflow errors. For this, a basic understanding of PowerCenter Log files is required, which will also be gained through the course of the Informatica Training.

Learn about Generators and Caching

Sequence Generator is an important part of Informatica and in the Informatica Training, you will learn to define it. Lookups and Caching are also given similar importance in the training. Building Dates Lookup Cache, Utilizing Event Wait, Timer and Tasks- all of these are incorporated in the training. You will also learn to build mappings using Update Strategies, determine logic using Routers and incrementally load target using Overrides. Handling and manipulating Parameter files and Command tasks are also featured in the training as these make mapping and workflow more flexible. Apart from this, extensive use of Lookup Functionality is taught during the Online Informatica Training.


The Online Informatica Training involves presentations on important topics that will help trainees to interact with trainer and get a basic idea of the software. All the class sessions are recorded; these daily recordings can help trainees refer back to them if necessary. In the Informatica Training, VMWare Imaging is used which allows you to integrate you laptop, desktop and all other devices by backup without having to do all that individually. At the end of the training, you will get a certificate to prove that you are now fully capable of understanding and maneuvering the software. At SR Online Training, you will also get help on resume preparation.


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