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Complete Guidance Of Informatica Online Training

Friday, 12 December 2014

Informatica is software that eases the process of designing, ETL and maintaining the data warehouse. In simplistic terms, we can define informatica is a process of allowing users to create a data warehouse with ease. Infact, informatica is referred as an innovative and simple approach to the term “Data warehousing”.

Informaticaonline training has become most popular during recent times as it used by almost all the firms across the globe. Used mainly for data storage, informatica allows users to safely and accurately warehouse the most important data and ensures that all the records are categorized appropriately. Despite the fact, that informatica is mainly used by major firms who have loads of files to store; many smaller businesses are also using this software to archive their data. As most of the firms are using this software, informatica online training has become extremely important these days.

Why to opt Informatica?

With Informatica, one can get their own repository manager, which in turn helps to maintain the repository portion of the program. The repository is nothing but the database, which is used by informatica to keep track of information that is stored.

Informatica training will teach you how to design the data warehouse by performing simple click and drag method. Also, one can also learn how to connect with other major databases for transferring data between them including the one with larger volume of information. This is possible because of the server that is used by informatica and a plug in server manager application.

Who should attend?

Informatica online training course will be beneficial to:

Database Developers/Administrators
Computer Science Graduates

Informatica online training: What do I get?

Informatica online training exposes the candidates to the practical aspects of technology. Informatica training online course covers the most important aspects in technology field, which includes Informatica Power Center, Data Transformation, Data Quality and basics and concepts of Data Warehousing.

If you are interested in joining informatica online training course, you can approach SrOnlineTraining, which is the leader in providing IT solutions online. SrOnlineTraining has made its inception to pave the path of students towards a rising career graph in technology.

Why to choose SrOnlineTraining?

In SrOnlineTraining, the informatica online training is provided by certified and proficient trainers across the world. Here at SrOnlineTraining, we guide you necessary skills and techniques that will actually help you to fully leverage and optimize informatica software.
Our main motto is to familiarize you with the techniques of effectively applying IT solutions in real-time scenario. We promise you that we offer the best informatica online training that will actually gives you an edge over others.
Informatica online course highlights

The following are the few concepts that will be covered as part of online Informatica training:
  • Data warehousing concepts
  • Informatica Architecture
  • Informatica Power Center 9
  • ETL with Informatica
  • Power center tools & developer concepts
  • Mappings & Workflows
  • Informatica Designer
  • Transformations in Informatica
  • Troubleshooting Informatica
  • Real-time Scenario

What can you learn through Informatica online training course?

Once you complete the informatica online trainingcourse under the guidance of SrOnlineTraining, you will be successfully able to:

  • Build mappings that transfer data from sources to targets by using PowerCenter 8 Designer
  • Build and run a workflow that runs a session based on a mapping by using PowerCenter 8 Workflow Manager
  • Design mappings and workflows depending on business requirements
  • Basic troubleshooting of PowerCenter mappings and transformation
  • Make use of Authorized Informatica Support options to solve questionnaires and issues related to Informatica PowerCenter 8
So, what are you waiting for? Quickly get in touch with us or make an enquiry to avail best informatica online training.


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