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Architecture of Informatica

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Informatica application is designed with three vital departments. They are development tools, Repository and a back end server. This Informatica Training provides user with set of tools to work on this application. Some of most and effectively used tools are listed below.

  1. Designer Tool:- executes the transformation procedures along with mappings.
  2. Workflow Manager Tool:- will describe the sessions for mapping activities.
  3. Workflow Monitor:- will monitor all your Informatica sessions.
  4. Repository Manager:- will guide administrators to handle Repository.
  5. Metadata Reporter:- will create and analyze the day to day Meta reports.

Source Database: Basically it is elaborated has the place where data resides. Source is a default entity and a read only type  such as  Flat  and  XML files, Cobol data , Oracle apps , SQL  database Server, Sybase, Informix, DB/2, ERP, CRM, ODBC. And ODBC is used to offer an interaction between the clients and server and gain the Meta data descriptions of the root database and then save it. If a connection does not exist we have to configure it.

Target Database:  The Destination database. Objects tend to exist.  Users enable, write and read access to this data base.

Connection:  It describes the connection configured type.

Informatica Training tools reside and rely on Repository. It is a form   of data records where all the information pointing towards mapping, sources and destinations is placed along with the Meta data. The entire tools and Informatica Server fetch take data from these repositories.  The one word meaning of this term is Informatica tools and back end without disk storage space. The server posses the potential to execute data. It is known has backbone of Informatica.

SR online training a brand in training concepts of Informatica. Now, offers online training along with certification.  The attendee can go through Informatica concepts at his convenient timings.

Round the clock support is offered by our well trained professionals. Informatica is useful to graduates and employees to solve data related issues in effective manner.


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